Shelley Chic

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Modern with Your Choice of Styling Options

Well, this was a cool little Mid Century dresser to begin with, so it only needed a touch of updating. It is wood, but had a laminate coating over the top which just wasn't that appealing. We decided to paint it a dark charcoal gray & add some accents of bright, glossy white. I really like the way the drawers can be changed up to make a stripe across any of the rows or even an asymmetrical look if that is pleasing to your eye. Such a wide variety of uses too- bedroom, baby's nursery, entryway, or even as a buffet. It's for sale in my etsy shop along with several other items.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Art Deco Anyone?

My husband found this Art Deco buffet that was feeling pretty lonely covered up by other pieces of furniture and lacking its original beautiful sheen. So we loaded it up, completely sanded it down (by we, I mean he- my husband), and decided to give it a fresh coat of stain and also some indigo blue paint. At first we left it that way, but then decided it needed some distressing (something I usually don't do). It seemed like the distressing joined the sleek paint and natural wood together. I almost forgot to mention, the original wood hardware is still in amazing condition, not to mention super cool! So here it is. Tons of character, curves, and yes- storage too. You could use it for a buffet or even as a dresser because there are after all drawers and cabinets below. You can find this gem on my etsy shop.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My hubby found me some fantastic chairs today & then thought I should sell them! Silly, silly man! Glad he has an eye for things that make my heart skip a beat. Here they are, what do you think- keep or list on my shop?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Furniture Here, Furniture There, Furniture Everywhere

Well, let's see...our home computer was down, school started, so did multiple sports for our boys, and then of course we have been busy restyling lots of furniture. Honestly, too many pieces to list, but I wanted to share several of the most recent. Here they are, hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

For Those about to Rock...

Rockstar day this week at the little guy's school. He rolled up mullet wig, tattoo sleeves & all. That child cracks me up! Not afraid of what others might think, just about enjoying the chance to dress up. Great job my son!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Salsa Red is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Here is another piece of furniture I have been working on this week. I really love these Mid Century Modern sewing desks. They are the perfect size for any space & quite chic as well. The color is Salsa Red by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss. Listed it today on my Etsy shop as well.

I Love Rock & Roll...Hope You Do Too!

We found this vintage stereo console circa 1970 & decided it was the latest furniture victim in need of our help. We left the red speaker fabric in all its' glory & painted the rest a light turquoise. The inside houses an 8-track, turntable & stereo. All are working except the 8-track. Evan really enjoyed the disco album we played on it! It is now available on my Etsy shop.